What human would look if he was a country

Sometimes, looking at the person, you can say with confidence from what country is he or she. Human is surrounded by some aura of the place where he was born and raised.

My favorite asked me to draw people of some countries. And together, we turned it into a fun game. Try to play and guess the country of each person.

Choose hairstyle to match your face |

Choose hairstyle to match your face

To change your appearance you need to be brave enough. Maybe you like some image of the famous actress and you want to apply it to yourself. In order to avoid unsuccessful attempts you need to think: will it whether suit you.

Caring for a sick person |

Caring for a sick person

I drew these cuties especially for guys from!
They asked me to draw a girl from their team, her boyfriend and their pets. And this is what came of it!
I think it’s so cute when colleagues take care of each other..


10 illustrations that show just how much the Internet has changed our lives

None of us should ever succumb to panic — real life is definitely still out there despite the huge role that the Internet plays in modern life. Gadgets and technology play a part in our lives, but it really is just a part.
Nevertheless, it’s funny to think about the hundreds of little ways these things have changed our behavior. Here are 10 of the ones I have illustrated special for Bright Side. How many do you recognize?