Our first day at the gym

Fitness, nutrition, healthy lifestyle. How great that it has become part of the culture of modern society. Many of us take care of our figure and go to the gym. Often we see people who came there for the first time. “This guy… What is he doing?” we think, and quietly chuckle. But let’s remember how we ourselves first came to the gym and our first day of training, and not just the first.

For I drew 8 illustrations that accurately reflect the situation. I think everyone finds themselves in these pictures

916455-650-1449135386-eng_cart1 916505-650-1449135386-eng_cart2 916555-650-1449135386-eng_cart3 916605-650-1449135386-eng_cart4 916655-650-1449135386-eng_cart5 916705-650-1449135386-eng_cart6 916755-650-1449135386-eng_cart7 916805-650-1449135386-eng_cart8


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